Are You Confused About Choosing The Right Bed Linen Online?

There's nothing better than a rejuvenating sleep that can recharge your body, mind, and soul. Quality bedding makes a difference in your sleep.

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  1. Introduction
  2. How To Choose The Right Bedsheet For Your Bedroom
  3. Conclusion

• Introduction

There's nothing better than a rejuvenating sleep that can recharge your body, mind, and soul. Quality bedding makes a difference in your sleep. Finding the sheets that feel right every time you climb into them is a true luxury. But how can we ensure we have chosen the right bed linen? Well, there are few things that you need to consider, And aside from comfort, you also have to see to it that it is beautiful and matches your interior well.

• How To Choose The Right Bedsheet For Your Bedroom

 Today we are going to give you 5 tips on how to choose the right bedsheet for your bedroom so that you stay comfortable while resting and sleeping.

1. Size -  Are you choosing bed linen for a King size (72"Wx80" L) bed, a queen-size(60"Wx78L") bed, or a single size(36"Wx74" L) bed? This is something that you will have to take into account so that you get the right size bedsheet for your bed.

2. Thread count - Thread count is the number of threads in 1square inch of fabric. The more the thread count is, the more comfortable will be the bed linen. It's easy to assume higher means softer. But that's not always the case. A lower thread count sheet made from fibers that are softer by nature like Egyptian cotton will feel silkier than a high thread count sheet made from a lower-quality cotton fabric. Buying bedsheets within 150-350 TC range will provide you with the right comfort for a good night's sleep.

3. Breathability -  Choosing the bedsheets online can become intimidating because of the sheer variety of sheets in the market. Cotton both traps heat and lets cool air pass through in summers, making it a great choice for almost any climate. That is why cotton bed sheets are a popular choice amongst buyers owing to their breathability and comfort. Another thing you need to confirm is the process of manufacturing sheets doesn't include any chemicals and is safe for your skin. 

4. Material - There are thousands of different kinds of cotton fabrics available in the market. so finding the best one for your bed might take a little groundwork. Some of the quality luxury bedding material are:

a. Cotton: Breathable, easy to wash, and lightweight, cotton bed linen is best for everyday use. 

b. Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton is amongst the finest cotton in the world and has the longest fiber length and is considered the softest of all cotton fabrics.

c. Linen: A linen bed sheet is soft, very strong, durable, and can last decades though it might be on an expensive side. It's an ideal choice if you live in a hot climate though it wrinkles easily.

d. Blends: Nowadays there are lots of blended fabrics used in making bed sheets, most of them using some form of cotton. They are usually inexpensive and wrinkle resistant. Cotton polyester is the most commonly used blended fabric but it is not as breathable as cotton and can get hot against your skin.

India has hot and humid weather in most parts of the country and for a major part of the year. That is why we suggest picking up cotton bedsheets for more comfort and better sleep. The pure cotton variety may be a little expensive than poly-cotton ones, but they are certainly a better choice.

5. Weaves-  The fabric weave and weight of your sheets can affect how crisp, soft, or cool they are. Percale weave is a plain weave that tends to be crisp and feels cool against the skin making it ideal for hot summer nights. Sateen weave fabrics are soft, shiny with a lustrous smooth finish that will give you the feel of luxurious satin. Both weave sheets are equally good and you can choose the weave according to your personal preference.

• Conclusion

Use the above-stated pointers to select the cotton bed sheets online. For bedsheets that stand the test of time and trends, shop at -