About Us

A modish initiative in the world of home furnishings, White Moss is synonymous with elegance, regalness, and state-of-the-art work. The expression of individualism in the bedroom is romantically shaped by us. Empowering the world with premium choices in luxury home furnishings, we specialise in bed linens, comforters, duvet covers, and other bedding-related accessories. A firm foundation dating back to 1998 makes our products a delicacy with art, magnificence, and craftsmanship breathing in all their aspects.

With a vast clientele all over India, we manufacture across three cities but do not limit ourselves to merely domestic arenas. Drinking French water, White Moss upholds its commitment to delivering exquisite prints. As a design house with a core design team in France at our command, innovation in prints and designs becomes evident.

An amalgamation of multiple ranges like the digital print range, the wedding special range, and everyday usage products, every occasion enlivens with White Moss. Transporting you to a world of tranquilly and harmony, the superior quality of our products embarks you on a romantic journey of sleep and leisure. Applying synergies of craftsmanship, the products spill royal charm and elegance.

The tendency for gradual suppleness and accentuated softness makes our products high on longevity and robustness. 100% combed cotton or satin, when knitted in a finer weave pattern, grants you quality like white moss.