How The Color Of The Bedsheets Impact Your Mood ?

The colors you use in your decor have an impact on the atmosphere you create and you need to assess what this ambience should be before you choose the colors. Even in ancient times, Chinese and Egyptians used color therapy to heal ,energize and soothe people. Colors affect our mental processes and can change our mood. Each color has a different effect. You can make a statement in your bedroom by choosing the bed sheet colors that reflect your personality and style. Let's find out which colors will help you set the mood you want to create in your sleeping space.

• Table Of Content

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow

# White
Have you ever questioned the reason behind white luxury bedding in hotel rooms? White helps to soothe your mood. With a calm and relaxing feel, white bed sheets give you a perfect good night's sleep while adding that oomph of relaxation and comfort. It also makes your room look clean, expansive and stylish.


# Green
What strikes your mind after looking at a green color?  This color is an ideal choice for the people who want to stay closer to nature or love greenery around them .Green evokes feelings of tranquility and composure. Green works best in bedrooms because it has a calming effect and is even believed to help with fertility and can even prevent nightmares. So go for a green colour bedding if you want to relax and unwind.


# Red
Red is an ideal choice when you are in a romantic mood. Planning to show your love for your loved ones? Buy red coloured bed sheets online to stir up excitement in the bedroom. The color is warm, bold and raises the room's energy level like no other colour.


# Blue
Choose softer shades of blue bedding and it will definitely have a calming effect on you. The colour blue can help you ward off insomnia and promote a deep relaxing sleep. Blue is  said to bring down blood pressure and heart rate and that is what makes it an ideal colour choice for bedroom décor.


# Yellow
Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and is the colour of happiness and cheery attitude.Feeling anxious or low? Buy a yellow bed sheet and turn your bedroom into a lively,fresh and a feel good space. 

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